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"The engineer who turned rebel"

Hi there and thank you for visiting my website! 

  My name is Paris and I am a Greek games developer here in London, UK.

  I studied Mechanical Engineering, worked for a couple of years for the biggest beer company in the world, gained lots of valuable experience and then, I decided that it wasn't for me.

  To feel complete, I needed to get involved with technology and specifically video games, since I loved both from a very young age. So, I did what any of you should do if you reach the same block.. I quit my job and pursued my passion. 

  So, I have now completed an MSc in Computer Games Technology and managed to start my journey in games as a UI programmer for Splash Damage. I am also lucky enough to be publishing my dissertation CHI Play 2021 soon, exploring the way dynamic difficulty adjustment using biometric data can affect players.


  In the future, my plan is to become a games developer, good enough to know me for my style and my games in the future

All the best,


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