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A game design concept

Slendeer - The Unforgiven, is a first person survival horror game built as a promotion to safe road practices and emphasizing on the serious consequences of drinking and driving.

The game is set during the Christmas holidays period with the player controlling Santa who together with Rudolph, went on a Christmas trip. The pair had a few more drinks than they should have and as a result, midway through their journey they lose control of the sleigh and crash-land. When Santa wakes up he finds himself in a dark dense snowed forest on a mountain with no sign of life around him.

A few meters away the player finds the sleigh broken to pieces and next to it lies Rudolph, dead.  Santa is saddened by the loss of his dear friend and while still in shock from the crash, he tries to pull his thoughts together to come up with a plan to survive and return home. He explores the area in an effort to find tools which he can use to repair the sleigh while also looking for consumables like food and drink to keep his energy levels up and avoid freezing to death.  

However, as Santa wonders around exploring the area he gradually begins to hear a very familiar sound getting closer and closer to him. The sound reminds him of jingling bells and the ring is similar to the one from Rudolph's collar. It is not long before he witnesses his old friend briefly staring at him before charging and attacking him. Confused and startled from the incident Santa notices his colour is pale, his fur is missing at places and his eyes are light blue staring at the empty space. Rudolph has been brought back to life or rather was reanimated by some evil entity still hidden in the woods. Now Santa has to avoid the undead Rudolph's attacks while also surviving the cold and collecting the tools to escape. What is the plan? And who is the creature controlling Rudolph?

Slendeer mood board.png
Slendeer view.png
Slendeer nose.png
Slendeer abandoned house.png
Slendeer inventory.png


Available in pdf

This is the game pitch presentation for Slendeer - The Unforgiven


Short version available in pdf

This is the short version of my game design document for "Slendeer - The Unforgiven"

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